Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhh lama sudah inda mempost...

Awu ih blog anitah banar... antamsaja... apa saja boleh jadi....

First post of the year hahahahaha a whole lot of things have changed! Dui kan abis tia 2009... barutah kan mula lagi.. ketinggalan zaman..

Anyhoo.. hey peeepsss....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Membayar Fidyah Puasa.

Another information that I recently found out about when I went to the Ministry of Religious Affairs is the Fidyah Calculation for Puasa. I got this calculation table for those who wants to pay their Fidyah.

Earlier this year a friend and I was discussing about Qadha Puasa and bayar fidyah in relation to orang sakit or women who are pregnant and didn't do puasa or just basically did not Qadha Puasa. I am probably under the catergory of 'Maybe Dulu ada inda teQadha Puasa AND I don't remember how many days'. Yikes big yikes!
So this year I wanna make things straight. i.e I try as much as I can to continue to Qadha my Puasa for the previous years and at the same time try to pay my fidyah - approximate saja. After all - we should all pay our Hutang to Allah. If hutang to ppl sudah barat rasanya apatah lagi Hutang to Allah so we should all try our best to pay or Qadha.
Anyways, so as I was sitting there trying to get some explaination - of which I got confused. Here's the jist of what I've got! For people who have similar cases like me. There 3 types of payment:
1. Denda Fidyah must be paid first for all the previous years until 2008 - calculation berganda. (Monetary)
2. Only then pay Qadha - Fidyah the year after i.e 2009 (Monetary) - calculation times by the number of years
3. To continue to Qadha Puasa as much as you can. (Action)
I could be wrong but this was what I understood. I end up not paying yet as I have to go back and recalculate. Calculation is a bit confusing so best to get the advice of the Amils at the Religious Affairs or someone there.
Anyways, just hope the calculation paper I got will come in useful to ya'll. Wallahuwaklam.
Selamat Berpuasa Everyone!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Zakat Harta 2008 - Updated

As per a recent comment from a reader in my previous post, as promised I'd upload the updated Zakat Harta Calculation.. I just got this from the Ministry of Religious affairs. As you can see it was last updated Aug 08. He said the value changes daily which we can get from the news. Noted! Thanks for letting us know.

Also to make things easier for everyone, Zakat Harta is not that difficult to calculate.

Just do this... Zakat Harta = Value of Harta ($) during that year * 2.5%

To read up more on what you can and cannot zakat.. Here are some useful websites..

It can be a bit confusing really.. but asal niat kitani baik...and if we pay extra.. we can always niat if ada labih to pay for our hutang zakat harta of previous years. Wallahuwaklam.

When I paid my Zakat I asked if our TAP should be included as Zakat, after many years of asking - this year they said TAP tidak di wajibkan bayar as it is not considered as milik sempurna. I do hope they will be a clear fatwa or write up or something on this. If there is do let me know. Would be good to have a clear black and white.

Anyways, to those who have not done any Zakat Harta this would be a good time to start. You will not miss a dime for Allah is Most Fair and Most Just and I do believe that if you pay your Zakat Harta, Allah the Almighty will pay you more so much more than what you paid in Zakat. I have only started paying mine a couple of years back when I started to understand more about it and no years have passed since that I did not get it all back and so much more... For Allah is Most Fair and He does not go back on what He has promised.

Inda rugi duit if you pay Zakat. I'd do right away if you want to have more in life. This is part of our spiritual financial planning in life.

Selamat Berpuasa everyone...

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Still on the Love Watch..

First thing I saw on Yahoo page! Yikes.. baru jua I was curious about her and all of a sudden everyone's also talking about her. Was watching ghost whisperer till Epi 9..hehe Sampat lagi tu early morning watch. Makin siukzzz...Butt makinzz big... sian lah.. She's really pretty though... Before you know it she'll be as slim as the Fat Actress. so not to worry. Hollywood kali ah! This is actually good publicity for her! :P

Jen Love fights Back

Jen Love fat photos

Jen Love Strikes back

You can vote for Jen here. What do you think? Is Hewitt a fair target?
Current voting shows this..

Monday, December 03, 2007

Love is her body...

So much to like about Jennifer Love Hewitt. She's got this sweet long face - lucky for her.. hehehehe she can sing. Her song was pretty okay dulu. Wonder why she didn't keep it up! She was famous in 'I know what you did last summer' and with 3rd season of ghost whisperer I can't help but notice she's growing this LOve shaped body. Every time I keep watching the latest ghost whisperer it just keeps getting bigger and bigger esp on the bum side. Why? Sayang jua ia ani. Good for her, her face doesn't show. To kill my curiosity I thought I'd find out and google. None answered but I can see photos. People out there are definitely asking...

jennifer love hewitt fat or pregnant?
Celebrity Gossip - Star Muscle

Jennifer Love Hewitt Fat Pictures

Jennifer Love Hewitt: 'A Size 2 Is Not Fat!

Jennifer Love Hewitt Blog

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Brunei Flower Craze...

Can't help but find it cali. Hahaha we have several crazes..2 of most recent ones are:

1. The Magic Chair in Delima

I have not seen it... but I have seen the long queue. Byk orang esp the older generation queue up, some I heard every day. Its suppose to be good for health.. Not sure jua.. but if it helps why not! On top of it it's apparently free! Hahaha FREE is KEY!

2. The 'Expensive Plant' - Mahal kali ah. GELOMBANG CINTA

Went to the Pasar 3 weeks ago but didn't notice much. My sister was telling me last week about this new plant which is very expensive. Again I didn't really bother much cos not really into it. Today we went to pasar to look for flowers and its so obvious. If you see the stall with many people, ah iatah tu! Even everyone around say, 'Liat mana ramai orang sanatah bunga mahal ah'.

So curious.. so we went like everyone else. It's selling like hot cakes. Banar.. you can see byk orang and flip through the books. Apparently, the craze came from Indonesia. People watching Indonesian channel. Again this is what I heard I'm not sure if sources are right.

Wanna see how it looks like. I'm shocked! cos I wont buy it cam inda jua seberapa but words in the Pasar said for Investment! hahaha good one! Am sure demand and supply will dictate when there is a lot in the market price will fall. I could be wrong.

Ok here it is. Ta Da....

You can see ramai here while other stalls are empty

Up close!!

The babies - Cost $10 - $15

The Actual Plant - This one cost about $1000 - $3000. So they say! Can you believe it? Would you really buy it? Sanggup orang bali.

Ba Ram Yuuuuuuuuuuuu....

Aaaaaaaa I woke up this morning with this word stuck in my head. Have no idea where it came from... its not like I just watched the movie... I haven't seen in yonks and horses. I BA RAM YOU to the kitchen making breakfast. BA RAM YOUed to the breakfast room. BA RAM YOUed my niece while she was eating her toast. BA RAM YOUed when everyone left the table and BA RAM YOUed back to the room! Got my hubby annoyed. hehehe He asked 'what is that!' hahaha In my defense, I forgot what's the name of the movie. I know it the Pig that wanted to be the Sheep hahahaha. So tried looking for it on you tube hahaha I gave up looking for it.

Instead I found this! Hilarious.... Isn't Europe a Country? hahahahaha Amtamtah Ko! hahaha Good morning Everyone. It's a beautiful sunday morning!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

New York! New York!

Enchanted Enchanted! Adults and kids will like this movie for sure. Even the men likes it. I got recommendations from a guy to watch it and he's got a gf. Even my hubster likes it. We agreed the movie brings back good memories of when we were smaller. We like the fact that they made the cartoon undigital not like shrek and cars. Its the old fashion disney movie the likes of little mermaids. Cmon you'd be lying if you don't like little mermaid. Every little girl and older girls classics. Hahaha This movie the uncartoon part of it is set in New York which is part of the attraction. Central Park just looks just as cool!

At one point of the movie, thought it looked more like an English version of a Bollywood movie. My hubster disagreed hahaha he specifically said 'Not the same'. His comment were 'it's not the same cos at the end of her song every one was there and clapped, if it was a bollywood story all the dancers will all disappear' Hahaha is that right? I don't watch bollywood movie so I don't know all I know is that they all come dancing from nowhere.hahaha

Also notice at one point of the movie, I don't remember which part a very suttle music background of the 'Part of the World' from the Little Mermaid. When I heard it I sang to the song. Hahaha Download ih. Semangatz. You would to if you saw it! Get the Jessica Simpson version if you can also. hehe If you want to sing to the lyrics hahaha Nah... I know you wanna!

Anyways, This is a good watch! Puts a big smile down memory lane from the beginning of the movie and definitely keeps you smiling towards the end knowing the 'so called' Happy Ever After. The ending reminds me so much of the movie 'Perfect Man'. Love it!

Still set in New York, is the new series Gossip Girl! A lil bit different in style for the lastest episode this week Episode 9 Thanksgiving! Similarly, this episode was all about going back remembering the past and all about family. Again can't help but love the ending! Family being together playing around a family-versioned footie. Not easy being rich from the upper east side - a lot to hold up to, in school, in social life and esp in family. Yikes! Nevertheless, moral is family is still family - Blood is thicker than water no matter what happens. Love it! Keep em coming Gossip Girl.

Aaaa I wanna go for Chemical Romance concert in Singapore.
Argh inda sampat cos ia on the 11th Dec. So wanna go. Cubatah weekend! Listening to I don't love you as I blog! So wanna go! Anyone going do let me know how it went please. If ada photos would be better.